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Alana Schmidt
... que, desde o século passado, atestam a urgência de que se faça uma revisão dos valores que guiam a humanidade como um todo. Em resposta a essa crise de valores vem-se buscando conforto e diretrizes morais na religião, na política, na medicina, na p
“If the history of mankind is a history of enhancement, it is understandable that the concept of enhancement emerged as a philosophical category. Enhancement is not only an improvement, or a technological advance, but all and any kind of mechanical or biotechnological alteration in our body in order to improve our capacities and body skills. So, enhancement is very different from therapy. In therapy technology is used in order to restore our natural capacities, while in enhancement technology and/or biotechnology is used to improve our capacities. The difference is clear: if someone loses both their legs in a traffic accident and doctors attach mechanical legs to this person, restoring their ability to walk, then this is therapy. If, however, the doctors attach mechanical legs allowing them to run200 miles/hr., then this is enhancement. Also the use of powerful drugs in Alzheimer´s patients in order to cure them is therapy, however, using this or other drugs in order to make a person with average memory considerably improve his cognitive capacity would be enhancement. At this point two clearly different views emerge, on one side the bioconservatives will say that therapy is morally admissible, but will have moral objections to enhancement, on the other there will be those (the transhumanists, but not only them) who argue that enhancement is not, in principle, morally objectionable.” (Introduction by Cinara Nahra)

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