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When a man has his body stolen he typically has one of two reactions; he either dies, o...
When a man has his body stolen he typically has one of two reactions; he either dies, or he sets out on an adventure as a disembodied head, hell-bent on revenge.
Amygdala is an action/adventure platformer where every living world you explore is a freshly generated permadeath challenge. There’s no hands and no handholding as you face off against swordheads, voidpigs, giant swarms of beez and the wizard that stole your body (hint: it’s NEVER his final form). Learn and survive. Avoid traps. Watch wildlife get in fights. SHOOT MINDBULLETS. POOP BRICKS. IT NEVER ENDS, IT JUST GETS HARDER.

For leaderboards, community videos and game help check out https://Amygdala.MachineSpirit.net

Procedurally Generated Worlds Amygdala builds each new world fresh and toasty. Every time you advance or die you will find yourself in a new world that no one else has ever experienced before or will ever experience again.

Permadeath Challenge No checkpoints, saves or handholding. If you get hit with no energy or fall off the world you die, game over, start from square one. There`s a lot to investigate in these worlds so feel free to go look up the answers in the manual, we`re just not spoon feeding it to you.

Choose Eternal Vengeance If you choose the dark side and seek eternal vengeance we are happy to accommodate. We`ll keep turning up the challenge until you fall to your own hubris. Then we will laugh. Plus your name goes on the shiny high scores board for all to see forever!

A Lot Of Weird Stuff
  • 6 Different World Types
  • 22 Different Mob Types
  • 6 Different Wizard Forms
  • 12 Different Environmental Hazard Types
  • Many Ways To Die

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