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Equipe Baixaki
"Assault Corps 2 is an online real-time strategy 3D game with more innovative pla...
"Assault Corps 2 is an online real-time strategy 3D game with more innovative playing methods. The game allows players to participate in multiplayer races as controllers of various weapons units. In battle, players must be ready to rotate their angle of view and skillfully choose ammunitions to kill the enemy. Each weapon has its own unique skills and it is an important basis for players to use the skills reasonably to get victory. Simulating modern military equipment confrontations constitutes the core of the game and multiplayer race, team race, BOSS and many other playing modes are available for your choice. The game attaches great importance to collaborations among players and truly allows tens of thousands of people to take part in races under the same server.

Game features:

- multiplayer cooperation RTS game, maximum support 8 vs 8 in battle
- base construction: research tech?strengthen lethal ammunition?ore production...
- 11 different maps, more maps are being prepared.
- 13 kinds of game modes, such as resource war?towe defense?boss challenge...
- 18 kinds of combat units, include combat robot?infantry fighting vehicle?tank? self-propelled gun?mech? helicopter?plane? gunship ...
- 18 kinds of technology components. You can enhance the combat unit`s armor, speed, fire power and survivability.
- 18 kinds of skills. Each unit has its own unique skill, rational use they can make you even more powerful in battle!

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