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Equipe Baixaki
You play Barbara-ian, a mythical badass with perma-rage & a penchant for smashing...

You play Barbara-ian, a mythical badass with perma-rage & a penchant for smashing. Featuring super fast paced physics based mayhem, one hit is all that stands between you and a quick restart

Barbara-ian is a randomly generated dungeon crawler focused on pure action! Gameplay consists of marauding through dungeons smashing everything in your path - doors, tombs, gelatinous cubes etc - using physics-driven combat ensuring nothing stands in your way. Smash through chests & loot the weapons inside to progress deeper into dungeonland!

Unlike other dungeon crawler heroes, Barbara-ian has no inventory, no skill system, no health bars. She doesn`t want to duel with her enemies, doesn`t want to carry a bag full of callipers OR tongs, and she doesn`t need a spreadsheet to tell her how to kick ???. One hit is all it takes to kill anything, even her!

In terms of progress, the game is feature complete and very playable but we want to add content content content and we need your feedback in order to do this. Early adopters can expect to be part of a rapid and responsive development process, as zany and oddball weapons fill Barbara-ian`s arsenal, a multitude of labyrinthine dungeons are unearthed and enemies spring from the pages of our classic D&D Monster Manual!

We hope you`ll join us and Barbara-ian for the ride!

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