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Media Buzz"This will be a good place to cut your teeth on tactical multiplayer sho...

Media Buzz

"This will be a good place to cut your teeth on tactical multiplayer shooters... Even though we played same map a bunch of different times, it felt like a different experience each time" - Gamespot ( https://www.gamespot.com/videos/burstfire-takes-on-rainbow-six-siege/2300-6426246/ )

"Burstfire does hit some of the necessary fundamentals. As a tactical, room-clearing FPS, it has that sensation of being thrust into a sudden duel with another player, doing your best to estimate the number of bullets you’ve absorbed against the number you’ve deposited and trying to widen that margin. Entrances and breach points are angled in a way that makes it impossible for the defenders to cover every angle. The stats screen shows me a rundown of what body locations I hit enemies with, which even CS:GO doesn’t do, shamefully." -PC Gamer review ( https://www.pcgamer.com/burstfire-game-review/ )

Sobre o jogo

Burstfire is a tactical, competitive, first-person shooter that is a fusion of old-school tactical combat with modern design sensibilities that allow for a slower combat pace while maintaining a high level of excitement and fun!

Play as the attacking "SWAT" team to breach through enemy "MERC" defenses using tools such as the "Breaching Charge" or the "Hacking Device" to carefully, and precisely capture your objective, the enemy "INTEL COM".


Play as the defending "MERC" team, setting up defensible positions around the "INTEL COM", your primary defense objective, using tools such as the Wooden Barricades and Wall Reinforcements.

  • Twelve unique weapons to take into combat, each with their own unique feel and playstyle and balanced so that not one weapon has too much strength over the other.
  • Equip tools for your operations to perform feats such as destroying weak walls and structures, hacking and disabling enemy devices, slowing enemy advances and more!
  • Play your way! No loadouts, no classes. Play the game exactly how you want to, equipping any item, tool, or weapon you want to use... no more being stuck with classes you don`t like.
  • Gamemode: Operation Firewall is our first mode in Burstfire and was created with the casual-hardcore player in mind. Step into a single-life, single round world, where if you die, you lose the game. This will be our first game-mode, with a more competitive version to come later in Early Access.
  • Several maps to infiltrate, including the two Early Access maps: "The Compound" and "Convention" with more maps to come late in Early Access, including the next map to be released "Gallery".

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