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Oferta exclusiva do SteamEarly Access will include a special bundle of cards and conte...

Oferta exclusiva do Steam

Early Access will include a special bundle of cards and content worth 5x the purchase price, plus a Steam-punk custom castle exclusively for Steam Early Access buyers!

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The CCG and grid-based strategy game, which TouchArcade describes as, Hero Academy meets Hearthstone,

Cards and Castles is a combination digital collectible card and grid-based strategy game where you collect cards, build decks, and challenge players head to head on a battlefield grid. Fight their armies and destroy their castles to earn new cards and build new strategies to keep your opponents guessing.

  • FREE TO PLAY Collectible Card Game
  • Unique strategy gameplay blended with collectible cards for endless variety and deep tactical play!
  • Battle against players worldwide to prove your rank!
  • Five unique factions and multi-faction combo decks. Play as Vikings, Crusaders, Warlocks, Pirates and Ninjas!
  • Frequent content updates! New cards and game mechanics are released on a regular basis.
  • Draft Mode to create unique decks to battle opponents in the arena!
  • Fully cross platform; play with Steam at home and mobile on the go, and share progress between all your devices!

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