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Adicionado em : 05/08/2016 Jeux Simon Prefontaine Games Inc

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CASHTRONAUTS is arcade space combat & trading in an alternate universe where capita...
CASHTRONAUTS is arcade space combat & trading in an alternate universe where capitalist dinosaurs rule the galaxy and fight viciously between themselves to climb to the top of the economic food chain. Mine asteroids, hunt pirates, attack civilians, fight the police... just do whatever it takes to get rich as fast as possible!

As you progress, you`ll unlock Risks: gameplay modifiers you can toggle on/off at your whim. Each one will introduce new elements and dangers to your next run, but if you rise to the challenge your profit margins will soar.

The stealthy Raptor pirates are always looking for their loot, especially if that loot is your burnt-out remains. And then, there`s the soft-skinned mammalian threat looming on the horizon... but you`ll burn that bridge when you reach it. Space is a dangerous place even at the best of times. Will you have what it takes to beat out the competition and dominate the market?

Key Features
  • Unique gameplay: Space combat & trading meets twin-stick arcade action
  • Splitscreen multiplayer: 1-4 players all contributing to the same bottom line. Will you cooperate or fight for the company`s number one spot? (Gamepad required)
  • Constant challenge: The game evolves as you do: unlock and choose new Risks as you progress
  • Dynamic factions & AI: Tricera-cops are trying to stop a Raptor attack a Stego mining vessel. Do you jump in and help, or wait until it`s all over and scavenge the remains?
  • Tight controls: It was once said that the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field was approximately 3,720 to 1. Not any more! Enjoy fine-tuned controls for keyboard & mouse and gamepad
  • Beauty: Stylized, colourful flat-shaded 3D world paired with striking 2D character portraits
  • Kickin` tunes: New soundtrack from Patrice Bourgeault (Mercenary Kings, Ninja Senki)

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