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Adicionado em : 21/03/2016 Digital Homicide Studios

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Deadly Profits takes the rogue genre and steps it into the 3d world. You take on the r...
Deadly Profits takes the rogue genre and steps it into the 3d world. You take on the role of a badass wizard and embark on your journey to conquer and explore randomly generated 3d dungeons! Tons of spells and equipment to be found and unlocked bringing a ton of depth and game play as you level your wizard to godlike levels! Can`t find that elusive piece of equipment, fear not deadly profits has over 150 items waiting to be crafted from materials you collect on your adventure or purchase them from the shop with gold collected on your adventure. Don`t crawl through a dungeon, rampage through! We`ve turned dungeons into battlefields!


Over 50+ different npc and bosses to battle including:
  • Kobolds
  • Orcs
  • Cyclops
  • Dragons
  • Wyverns
  • Demons
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Ogres
  • Krakens
  • Basilisks
  • Manticores
  • And Tons More!

  • 30 Different materials to craft with
  • 11 different equipment types
  • 120+ Items that can be crafted
  • Easy to use interface

A variety of different spells including:
  • Acid Blasts, Fireballs, Devil Hands, Flaming Phoenix`s, Ice Spikes
  • Multiple trap types to vaporize your enemies
  • Multiple stuns to give you that needed distance between you and your enemies
  • Multiple pets to help clear the hordes as you rampage through dungeons
  • Shields to help mitigate damage
  • And More!

Randomly Generated Dungeons Encounters In A 3d Environment
  • Over 60+ different dungeon styles
  • Random Layout generation for all dungeons so no two are the same!
  • Randomly generated spawns and treasures, be excited each dungeon run!
  • And Tons More!

A focus on the little things that make big differences in game play!
  • 30+ Different music and ambient tracks!
  • 800+ different sound effects!
  • Ambient dungeon critter sounds for a realistic feel as you crawl into the depths!
  • Tons of variety is the main goal!

This is a permadeath rogue-like, your character is saved constantly so you can quit and resume. However, if you die you will have to start with a fresh character.

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