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Equipe Baixaki
Press MentionsSobre o jogoEach level is procedurally generated, and so each playthrou...

Press Mentions

Sobre o jogo

Each level is procedurally generated, and so each playthrough has a unique environment and challenges. The player`s goal is to search and activate all the marks placed in each level to unlock the dungeon and hopefully escape. However, players will encounter different obstacles in the labyrinthine dungeons. Players can collect various items and upgrades to counter the dungeon`s dark forces.

Some elements in Dungeon Souls were inspired by Nuclear Throne, Risk of Rain, Overture, BitVenture and Shoot First.

  • SIX unique playable characters with powerful abilities
  • FOUR different environments with randomly generated levels and bosses
  • Deep character progression and itemization
  • Over FIFTY unique passive items to experiment with
  • Challenging encounters with hordes of dynamic enemies

  • Multiplayer
  • Even more items
  • Unlockable characters
  • More traps
  • More enemy types with unique abilities
  • Secret levels
  • New music
  • And much more!

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