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Equipe Baixaki
Do you enjoy chaotic, hard and responsive 2D action games? Can you get lost in a hazard...
Do you enjoy chaotic, hard and responsive 2D action games? Can you get lost in a hazardous jungle and return to tell the tale? After more than 4 years home brew development ENYO Arcade is finally opening up to its audience and invites you deep down into the rabbit hole...

Inspired by the memories of popular 2d action games from the early 90`ties mashed with modern day platform agility, speed and some chaos. ENYO Arcade resembles a side-scrolling platform game. The game is notable for its depth in atmosphere and control scheme: The keyboard is used to move, while the mouse is used for aiming the weapons (works with twin stick gamepads too). The basic gameplay consists of fighting or avoiding various enemies and solving some simple puzzles, usually involving switch-like mechanics.

The core gameplay of ENYO Arcade focuses on tight controls, exploration and steam features like achievements, leaderboards and statistics.

  • Tight and responsive controls - always stay in direct control of the action
  • No `holding hands and leading the way`
  • Movement focused on `game feel` including: wall jumping, ball jumping, rocket jumping AND regular jumping!!
  • Modern Art at 60 frames per second
  • Things to avoid. (Important!)
  • Atmospheric audio visual experience
  • Steam Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Keyboard controls can be remapped
  • CHAOS!

EARLY ACCESS WARNING: The gameplay experience may change during development! Only buy this game if you like it in it`s current state and wish to support its development!

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