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O que estão falando…

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Equipe Baixaki
Born in the trenchesFATAL ERROR is a game born at game events and gamers love it: we ga...

Born in the trenches

FATAL ERROR is a game born at game events and gamers love it: we gathered lots of feedback from players of all skill levels to improve the game. It was shown at:

Lista de características

  • 4-player local multiplayer
  • Hectic 3-minute matches
  • 4 ingenious camouflaging mechanics, which can also be combined
  • Single-player challenges, co-op challenges up to 4 players
  • Different game modes: Capture the Motherboard, Hack the WiFi, …
  • Dozens of scenarios tailored for the stealth mechanics
  • Tournament mode to setup long gaming nights with plenty of friends
  • Tight controls for the characters, physics-based mayhem on the environment!
  • Electrifying soundtrack by composer Joakim Karlberg

Sobre o jogo

Following a Fatal Exception Error, four little all-purpose robots have been considered faulty and have been marked as out-of-order. Take their control as you try to pass a series of challenges to prove that you don’t belong yet to the e-waste dump.

FATAL ERROR revitalises the tried and tested local multiplayer dual-stick shooter: all players are looking at the same screen, but there are things that only one of them knows...

You will need to put 4 unique stealth mechanics to very good use to catch your foes off-guard, and come out on top at the end of frenetic 3-minute matches across different game modes.

Master the art of camouflage: trying to resort to weapons only might be your last and most fatal error!

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