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The Basic IdeaFracture the Flag is a multiplayer physics based game. The primary goal...

The Basic Idea
Fracture the Flag is a multiplayer physics based game. The primary goal is to expand your territory and conquer your opponent`s territory. Or you could just peacefully use the nearby trees for target practice... but can`t promise that`s a winning strategy.

Expand your territory by collecting resources and planting your flags. Some territory is rich in resources other has tactical and strategic value. Destroy your opponents flags to remove their claim and make your own!

Use siege weapons and hand delivered bombs to destroy opponents walls, workers and maybe most importantly their economy. While traps and archers defend your base!

A Few More Details
Each battle starts with a clean slate. All units, structures and weapons are upgraded from a base level giving no in game advantage to more experienced players - other than of course their experience.

The early part of each game will be based around resource collection in order to build more weapons, add more workers and plant flags to expand. Resources are also used to upgrade effectiveness of all in game units. Siege weapons will be more accurate and more powerful with upgrades allowing longer range bombardments. Workers will move faster allowing quicker bomb delivery and faster resource collection.

As players` territory expands the conflict will begin...

Even More Details
Flags? What`s the deal?

Flags are the mechanism by which a player controls land. A player may only build and place units within territory that they currently control. Need to add a mine? Better plant a flag. Want to be able to place siege weapons on top of a hill? Better plant a flag!

If a flag is destroyed any buildings left without a flag nearby will burn to the ground.

Flags can be doubled up to ensure that your base is not destroyed with a single well placed bomb.


Workers take on many roles. There are no specialized NPCs. The worker that loads the catapults will just as happily deliver a bomb to the gates of you foe or gather lumber from the local forest. Each role is largely based around one or more buildings.


Warehouse - the center and hub of the economy.
Ammo Depot - stores supplies for siege weapons
Bomb Depot - creates and store bombs
Fletcher - supplies arrows for the defending archers
Mine - supplies minerals
Quarry - supplies stone
Fire Trap - used for defense
Plague Trap - yep, defense


Players will be able to use a matchmaking service to connect with other players around the world. Matchmaking will be based on a ELO rating to best match players with similar skill and or experience.

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