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After stumbling through a mysterious rift, you find yourself in a mysterious world co...

After stumbling through a mysterious rift, you find yourself in a mysterious world consisting of the jumbled fragments of a hundred dead civilizations. Ruined buildings from 1930s America share space with wrecked pirate ships and the overgrown remains of spaceships from a far-flung future. Several powerful factions battle for control of this strange and broken land, but even the strongest among them tremble in fear of the monstrous giants that roam the land. Fortunately, you can build giants of your own! Search the world for the items you need to craft tools and weapons, including giant robotic suits that will help you even the odd against the enormous creatures you confront!

Welcome to the world of Goliath, an action adventure game about crafting giant robots and punching monsters in the face! To survive among the giant creatures in this dangerous and mysterious world, you must scavenge for resources and create giant mechanical suits called Goliaths to battle or barter for your life. Starting with simple wooden versions, you will learn to create dozens of Goliaths from a variety of materials: wood, stone, metal and other more unique materials found in the world. Your Goliath can be customized and outfitted with weapons to create options that are perfect for every situation and players’ preferences. But robots won’t solve every problem. You’ll also need to craft items and tools for basic survival, build shelters and fortresses, and choose which factions to side with in the war that’s sweeping across the land.


Build A ‘Bot Factory: Learn how to create dozens of robotic Goliath suits from a variety of materials, including wood, stone, metal and more. Each Goliath can be customized and equipped with a variety of weapons – after players have learned how to craft them, of course.

Survive A Savage Land: Gather materials to build the tools needed to survive, including healing salves, protective fortresses and more. As players explore the world, they’ll learn more complex recipes for better tools and weapons.

A Living World: Explore rolling prairies, dense forests, eerie swamps, frozen tundras and more, all with a complete day/night cycle and dynamic weather. Weather and terrain will affect how each of the robots performs, so players will need to make sure they have the right machine for the job!

Choose A Side: Several factions vie for control of resources and territory in the world of Goliath. These factions include humans, the sentient robotic beings The Created, the demon-like Daemonari, and the elusive Forest Brotherhood. Each faction can offer different strategic advantages in unique weapon and robot plans, and players must carefully choose with which factions to align themselves. Players can attempt to broker peace or rally their faction to accelerate the war!

Procedurally Generate World: Every new game of Goliath is different, thanks to a procedurally generated world.

Co-Op Multiplayer: In co-op mode, players drop into the host player`s version of the world. They can work together on the main quest, or tackle the game`s procedurally generated side quests. Since every player`s game world is different, you`ll encounter new quests that don`t exist in your version of the game world every time you join another player`s game. Of course, any rewards you earn you get to bring back to your own game!

Competitive Multiplayer: Done working together? Take on your friends in head-to-head in arena combat!

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