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Equipe Baixaki
PLAYISM Full game is already available on Playism with STEAM key included!(key usable a...

PLAYISM Full game is already available on Playism with STEAM key included!(key usable after the release)
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Game Concept: Rhythm Game + Hacker Theme
I'm sure you've experienced this at some point... You're tapping away at your keyboard at a blistering pace, the clattering of the regular keys intermittently interrupted by the nuanced sound of the Enter key.
Play out your dangerous hacker fantasies with this clever rhythm game.

It's easy enough to get the hang of. All you have to do is hit the "notes" that appear on-screen in the general area of the keyboard that it corresponds to.
Just in the general vicinity is close enough, so rhythm ends up being more important than accuracy.

Welcome, to the Hacker's World...

Creator's Voice We started off by researching music games, and found the most important thing that makes music games fun is hitting the right button at the right time, timing your hits to the rhythm of the music.

Next, we went to Japanese video arcades and examined actual music game machines. A commonality between these games was that they came off as looking incredibly difficult, but as a result also really intriguing.

Timing your hits with the music's rhythm and the perceived difficulty level are the main attractors. We incorporated these two points into a "hacker" theme and made it so that the hits don't need to be as precise.
We combined "hacking" and "music" games into a single: Hacker's Beat.

We're also looking to providing some updates.
Since the game is released, so far we've been adding a new song every month. We also have plans to add more features such as multiplayer and song editors as well.

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