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This award-winning MMO takes place in a war-torn fantasy world where three kingdoms con...
This award-winning MMO takes place in a war-torn fantasy world where three kingdoms constantly vie for power. Take up arms and become a hero as you fight for supremacy and glory against dark forces intent on destroying the world.

Be Your Own Hero
  • Seven playable races, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Some races can only be certain classes.
  • Over 30 classes in total, allowing for complex and compelling playstyles.
  • Your character goes on a heroic journey, experiencing an Awakening which allows them to unlock additional classes at higher levels.
  • No level cap means you can become as powerful as you like

Incredible PVP battles
  • Take part in massive Castle Sieges that pit players against each other in large-scale PVP. Win control of one of the nine castles and be rewarded!
  • The Dimensional Siege is a cross-server PVP event for the best of the best and is the true test of PVP in Lineage II.
  • World PVP is an integral part of Lineage II, and players should expect the unexpected at any time.
  • Ceremony of Chaos is a sanctioned 18 character free-for-all PvP competition exclusive to players in clans.
  • Grand Olympiad is a one-on-one PvP competition held to determine the Hero for each playable class.
  • Heroes are players who have recorded the highest score in each class in the Grand Olympiad. Heroes are awarded exclusive weapons, cloaks, hair accessories, skills, abilities, and a distinct aura.
  • Fortress Sieges are a small scale siege to obtain a small residential clan area, similar to a clan hall.
  • All monsters in the world have the potential to drop a Cursed Sword. Characters who possess a Cursed Sword are instantly driven into PvP combat and must satisfy the sword's hunger for blood. Everyone is a target!
  • Dimensional Raid is a cross-server PvE/PvP event where clans can hunt raid bosses together or against each other.

The Story of Lineage II is Always Unfolding
  • All game content, including character slots, quests, and zones are free for everyone!
  • Future expansions and content updates are also totally free.
  • Multiple content updates per year.

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