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Notas de atualizaçãoThe community spoke and we listened! Change log 2.3.0 • Adde...

Notas de atualização

The community spoke and we listened! Change log 2.3.0 • Added adjustable prices for food items, you can now change the selling price of food items • Added level indicator for when items unlock • Added a daily total popup • Added new animation and BG animation • Fixed Start and Exit buttons responsiveness • Fixed tutorial responsiveness • Improved tutorial • Added a few tips in the newspaper popup • Bug fixes • Code enhancements

Sobre o jogo

The Lunchinator is Here! Welcome to Lunch Island! Where the sun always shines, everything comes in perfect individual servings and the only meal served is, LUNCH! Head to the beach and finish the Ice Cream Sandwich event or head to the City and supply Comic Con with pretzels and coffee? Compete in Competitions! Who has the best Hot Dog on Lunch Island? Who has the best Hot Chocolate? Compete against other NPC’s in Cook-offs! The Monday commute is a drag, the city must be packed. On Lunch Island, lunchers have schedules and certain locations will see more action depending on the day of the week. It’s the weekend and lunchers like to get away to the Beach or to the Ski Resort in the mountains! Just got a message on your cell phone that the locals in the Burbs are trying to oust the Mayor. Head there and take advantage of the influx in lunchers. • Unlock new food items • Unlock truck improvements • Buy new trucks • 55 Levels + End Game Content • 36 Events/Quests • 18 Competitions • 20 Different Cook-offs • 6 Different locations 36 food items in total and each one sells best at a specific location. Look for clues along the way that will help you recognize these locations. Knowing what items sell best at what location can be the edge you need to complete any given event or competition. After level 55, Events, Competitions and Cook-offs will continue.

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