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Steam Trading Cards With Awesome EmoticonsNow includes Steam Trading Cards with cool ca...

Steam Trading Cards With Awesome Emoticons

Now includes Steam Trading Cards with cool cards, fantastic backgrounds, and an awesome set of emoticons that every forum user should own. Emoticons including TrollSlayer, BrainwashProtection, ConversationEnder and more.

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Medieval Mercs is a new action game using real time 3d lighting in 2d perspective to achieve cool visuals in a side scrolling game! Defend the realm with your band of mercenaries and become legends of the land. Craft weapons and armor to boost their powers. Level your mercenaries up to level 20 and spend their attribute points wisely to create truly unique mercenaries each game. You will encounter dozens of monster types, collect crafting materials, and equipment on your adventures.

Develop a unique band of mercenaries through attribute modifications and equipment combinations! Increase your reputation to unlock new classes by successfully defending villages, towns, and cities. Turn your band of mercenaries into a squad told of in legends! Classes including:


Use the elemental plane of fire and Ice to tear a path through the opposition. Rain a hailstorm from above or use area of effect explosions to decimate the hordes.

Dwarven Defender:

A stalwart mercenary who can bulldoze through even the most formidable defense! Call upon the aid of his ancestors to bolster his strength or unleash mighty blows to crush all his enemies.


The ranger dispatch`s his foes from afar. Raining down showers of explosive arrows or sending a single arrow to pierce through all who stand before him.

Also included are steam trading cards. Cool cards and back grounds and a really cool set of emoticons that everyone who uses the forums should have. Emoticons including BrainwashProtection, TrollSlayer, ConversationEnder, SentenceSplitter, and ForumWarrior.

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