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What is Never Ending Night?You can say that Never Ending Night is a 2D side-scrolli...
What is Never Ending Night?

You can say that Never Ending Night is a 2D side-scrolling exploration game. But that`d be akin to describing a tree as a big stick. Never Ending Night is a game that we poured our heart and soul into. It is a game that evolved as much as we evolved as individuals. It is a game about relationships, about finding yourself, and about confronting your past.

As Cain, you traverse through a broken world and survive through the mechanical monstrosities that have managed to survive in this strange microcosm... But don`t worry, cue in MLBY, a strange mechanical butterfly sidekick, and you`ll be ready to illuminate your way past beauty, perils, and adventure. By interacting with objects and the environment you can overcome your enemies as you piece together the remnants of the past. Lanterns will mark your progress through the eerie darkness.

If you guys are not be big fans of slow-paced relationship building stories...then don`t play this game. JUST KIDDING!! There`s still Knights Mode!! It is a fast-paced, hack-and-slash, procedurally generated dungeon crawler that provides more depth to MLBY and Cain`s world.

The thing is, Zarek is still growing. Join us, MLBY, and Cain on a journey and let`s explore a world that will be updated and fixed as time goes on.

If you find the music has touched your heart more than the game has (sigh), you can find the OST here:


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