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Tick: The Time Based Puzzle Game is an original idea for what a puzzle game can be. Pl...

Tick: The Time Based Puzzle Game is an original idea for what a puzzle game can be. Play your way through a puzzle game unlike any other you have ever seen.

The aim of game is to set off "Ticks" within the boundaries of the ring without the Ticks touching each other, the outside boundary, or any obstacles that may be in the way. Naturally the window of time you have successfully be able to set off other Ticks reduces with each subsequent move. But beware! Your playing against the clock so you will have to hurry up!

There are currently 3 different game modes in the game;

A casual game type that allows you too take your time as you progress through 50 increasingly difficult puzzles! At least 25 more stages are going to be added throughout development.

A competitive game type that challenges you to try and complete the game in the fastest time possible, 1 wrong move could mean you miss out on glory!
(Steam leaderboard support is also possible)

Merging together a level editor and Practice stage, this mode will allow you to either practice a current stage, or create an entirely new one!
(Steam workshop support is also possible)

The game is being developed by a single developer so any support will help the game and the indie start-up!

Early Access is going live early August. The game will be finished by the end of 2015!

The response the game has recieved from the community so far has been great! Lets hope it continues through Early Access and final release!

Initial release will be Windows only, but with enough interest will migrate over to different OS`s and localization. The release date of the game will be before the end of 2015!

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