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Adicionado em : 21/03/2016 Peach Pie Productions

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Go on a Time Traveling Multi-Dimensional Adventure alone or with your Friends! Zombie ...

Go on a Time Traveling Multi-Dimensional Adventure alone or with your Friends! Zombie Party is an Intense Action RPG Shoot-em-up Experience with Creative Weaponry and a Modular Weapon Building System! Fight hordes of enemies. Battle ferocious and unrelenting bosses. Build phenomenal guns! Shoot rainbow laserbeams! Launch incendiary teddy bear explosives! Burn and destroy everything! Create alliances and destroy friendships. If you like games that are fun, this is the game for you.

  • Travel through Time and different Dimensions!
  • Overwhelmingly Fun Multiplayer Experience!
  • Battle Hordes of Enemies and Fantastic Challenging Bosses!
  • RPG Leveling and Stats!
  • Full Controller Support!
  • Procedurally generated Levels with Destructible Environments!
  • TONS of Creative and Unique Weaponry!
  • Mod and Customize your guns using a modular weapon builder to create unique weapons of destruction!
  • Intense Gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and keeps you coming back for more!
  • Loot! Get all the Gold you can!
  • Hidden Easter Eggs and Interactive Environments!

  • TONS of Themed Zones to explore and discover!
  • Lots of Planned Creative Zone Types coming soon! (Undersea, Pirate Ship, and Fire World to mention a few...)
  • Including Procedural Dungeons and Caves!
  • Full Procedural Magic System with Elements! (used along side weapons)
  • Skill trees to further hone your Characters!
  • Perks, Items, Skills, Spells, and Tomes!
  • Armor / Clothes system!
  • Intelligent AI companions that act as full players along side you! (**coming soon**)
  • Profile System that allows for tracking of Stats, Global Gold, Unlocks, and Custom Load-outs!
  • TONS of fun content to unlock - Characters, Guns, New Game Modes, Game Modifiers, etc...
  • 150+ unique guns
  • 100+ gun mods, bullet types, and artifacts to mod your guns with!
  • Deathmatch, Tower defense, Survival modes, etc...
  • Animal AI companions! (to love and help you fight)
  • Online Multiplayer

This game project has many planned features and content. I work on Zombie Party on a daily basis, so expect frequent updates!

This is a game project I am very passionate about and plan to take it far! Thank you for your support and feedback :)

Get in touch with me at www.peachpieproductions.com !

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