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Mactabilis is a modern shooter with rpg elements. Customize your ship, select from a la...
Mactabilis is a modern shooter with rpg elements. Customize your ship, select from a large array of weapons or even create your own with the powerful in-game editor! Blast your way through vibrant, multi-level, adrenaline filled missions in search of loot and power.

  • Unique multi layer feature adds depth to levels.
  • Earn cash, find upgrades, buy or create new weapons
  • Replay the game for more loot and greater challenges
  • Many game modes, achievements and unlockables
  • Two player co-op and deathmatch, including local and online.
  • Accessible gameplay. This isn`t a bullet hell.

Multi layered levels
The immediate thing that sets Mactabilis apart from other games of this type is the multi layered levels. At any time you can switch between the background and foreground of a level. Perhaps you`re trying to obtain a bigger combo or maybe you`re trying to evade deadly enemies?

Cash, upgrades and custom weapons
Kill enemies and obtain bigger combos to get even more cash out of them. Use your cash to buy from a wide array of weapons or even create your own! The game features a powerful weapon editor that lets you make the gun of your dreams. You`re going to have to destroy a lot of ships to buy all of them.

The game never ends. Once you`ve completed it, you can keep your weapons, cash and ship upgrades. You`ll be sent back to the first mission, but enemies will become tougher. Thankfully, the rewards are also increased!

Play with friends
Play any game mode, in any difficulty, any way you want, with a friend. You can conquer the missions with a wingman both locally or on the internet!

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