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Equipe Baixaki
5 Minute Tutorial!https://youtu.be/bdTpm7A6Csg Hi! I`m very happy to bring you a quick ...

5 Minute Tutorial!

https://youtu.be/bdTpm7A6Csg Hi! I`m very happy to bring you a quick 5 minute tutorial on the basics concepts of the game.

Sobre o jogo

YOU are the commander of a group of "stackable" armies. It is in REAL-TIME 3rd person with a slow-time system for amazing strategic battles! Outposts produce minions that you must support to capture key positions.

WHAM is a chaotic challenge right from the start. I`m super excited about bringing you it`s great NEW game play mechanics! You will die as you get used to it, but that is part of the fun. It`s not like other RPG`s where you win easily vs everything. It morphs into a MOBA-ish (single player) styled game with outposts to capture and protect about a third of the way though.

Features of the game:

* "Take incredible strategic control of your armies using the intuitive slow time system". Every decision matters, so why not be given time to make them, when you need to make it? Do fun things like casting a wall in front of you when you see a projectile heading your way!

* Use your men as meat shields to keep yourself alive. If for some reason you value their existence, use yours or your armies spells and abilities to heal, shield and manoeuvre them to safety. Jump on the heads of ogres or ride manticores, because when you do, they take some of the damage meant for you instead. Battles are always intense because if you die, its all over, regardless of the size of your army. ( size doesn`t matter ;)

* Dominate 100`s of creatures. Find troop combinations and strategies that smash and melt your enemies into the ground! Either they join you or die.

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