The section Papeis de Parede is build by material sent by the users of the Baixaki website. The users represent and warrant that they are the owners of the copyrights in all of the materials they submit to Baixaki or that they have obtained permission to submit the images from the copyright owners.

How do I report a copyright infringement?
Just send us an e-mail to reporting where the infringement is. When copyright owners notify us of postings which they believe infringe their rights, we promptly delete the postings from the Baixaki website. Once a copyright owner has advised us that s/he does not want her/his images in the Baixaki website, we delete any future postings of the images that we become aware of.

Does Baixaki monitor the Community and delete any copyright infringing postings?
Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not possible to know whether an image was uploaded without the permission of the copyright owner. However, we promptly remove postings that are reported to us by copyright owners as infringements of their rights.