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SetEdit (Settings Database Editor)

SetEdit (Settings Database Editor)

Fornece acesso direto ao banco de dados configurações Android

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Fornece acesso direto ao banco de dados configurações Android

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Por Equipe Baixaki

Atualizado em 30/08/2023 14h56min

"WARNING -- We do not guarantee that problems caused by the improper use of this utility can be fixed, and we are unable to help you with any such problems. We support only this app, not your device`s system software. Settings Database Editor (SetEdit) is invaluable if you need it, but if you`re not careful you`re very likely to mess something up.

By default, for your protection, Android prevents you from modifying the SECURE and GLOBAL tables. If you have Android Jellybean or later, you can remove this protection from an ADB shell using the command ""pm grant by4a.setedit22 android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS"". On earlier versions, you can only remove this protection on a rooted device by installing SetEdit to the system partition.

Android Q and later will ask you to ""check for update"". Please ignore this. We can`t stop this warning without reducing SetEdit`s functionality, and we will not do that."

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