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Join our human adventurer on an adventure! Is this adventurer even a hero? Is he even a...
Join our human adventurer on an adventure! Is this adventurer even a hero? Is he even actually an adventurer? Who cares? Not the Crafting Goddess Joann, apparently! All she wants is a slave to make crap for her, and that slave appears to be this poor soul. I guess now that he`s been chosen by a trans-dimensional entity to do some kind of bidding he doesn`t really have a choice of sorts.

At least there`s some fun to be had as he traverses the dungeons generated from your old high-school reports and questionable images.

Wait a second, did I just say old high-school reports?! They have value now?
You sure bet!

You`ll have to delve deep into your hard drive`s dungeons to create the list of items the goddess has bestowed upon you to create. All the dungeons are randomly generated from the files that you select on your hard drive, with bigger files creating bigger dungeons, and different file types designating different kinds of loot you can find. Items, craftables, and monsters all have generated names with randomly selected comedic, and occasionally relatively offensive, adjectives attached. Even the requirements to make the crafted items are random! Who cares if any of this makes sense?!

  • Randomly generated dungeons based on your files
  • Randomly generated items
  • A cringe worthy story
  • A not really fresh take on the genre
  • Randomly generated quests
  • Being able to play with one hand with a beer in the other
  • an excessive amount of color!
  • Randomly generated crafting recipes?
  • A not try-hard personality

Spoiler Alert Ahead! You have been warned! Storymode is a satirical homage to the Rogue genre, while being an easily accessible and ironic experience. Within minutes you can already be collecting tons of loot, exploring your hard drive, taking on quests, and dying. The game features practically no story, and it`s crafting experience is no more than a glorified fetch quest. That said, there`s still plenty to sink tons of time into, as it`s a lightweight experience that`s great for playing during a coffeebreak.

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