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Adicionado em : 21/03/2016 Dust Scratch Games

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Equipe Baixaki
"Who Was I Meant To Be?"A hand-sketched 3D adventure game. Control Sketch, ...
"Who Was I Meant To Be?"

A hand-sketched 3D adventure game. Control Sketch, unfinished and wishing to know who it was supposed to be. The only clue is to follow a pencil that continues to draw in the distance, followed by an artist’s voice as he struggles to complete his work. To reach new areas, the doodle will find left-over sketches to use for new abilities throughout the journey.

  • Collect abandoned sketches of other ideas as new swappable abilities, letting Sketch jump, run, fly, and more to progress through the environment.
  • Featuring traditional 2D animation in a 3D environment filled with crumpled paper and unfinished drawings from the developer and 25 other artists.
  • A short story of the art and his artist told in parallel, of themes of acceptance and self-discovery.

DISCLAIMER: this game is 5 levels long, and it is possible to finish this game in under 30 minutes.

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